New Music Supervision Company Opening

(October 22, 2017 - Los Angeles, CA) - Music Supervison Company Diamond Lotus will be open for business Novemeber 30, 2017. With some of the best negotiator in the entertainment industry and Narin Chanthalyxay as CEO of the company Diamond Lotus is destined to be sucessful. Narin Chanthalyxay realized that she wanted to be in the music businesses industry when she was 18. It wasn't until she was 26 she started going to Full Sail University to get her degree in Music Bussiness. When deciding what to do in the industry a commericial for the movie "Paper Towns" came on. She fell in love with the song they used and thought it was the perfect fit for the trailer. That's when it hit her, "Who puts music in visual media?" That's when she found out about Music Supervisors and dedicated her life to learning everything about the industry. In celebration of her sucesses, Diamond Lotus will be throwing a party on November 28, 2017 for all music supervisors and anyone in the film industry to meet and network with. Cost to attend will be $65 and $80 includes a meal.

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